Public Account: Chile increases investment in security, seeks to strengthen the protection of the population

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Investment of $1.8 billion to the PDI, allocation of $3 billion of the 2022 budget for the creation of the National Policy Against Organized Crime, purchase of armored trucks for $4.5 billion for the South Macrozone, and $1 billion pesos for the purchase of drones to facilitate police action. Strengthen civilian control and increase the effectiveness of security work. This was the main proposal that President Gabriel Boric made in the National Congress in his first Public Account of Government, which was mainly focused on security. In this sense, President Boric affirmed that, with the objective of increasing the security of the population, next July “indications to the bill that creates the Ministry of Public Security, Civil Protection and Citizen Coexistence” will be presented. Regarding the security conflicts in the country, the President stated that $1.8 billion will be invested “in improving the expert capabilities of the Investigative Police (PDI)” and regarding the police presence in the territory, a program was developed with Carabineros de Chile which will be implemented throughout the country by 2022, in addition to a 40% increase in the number of personnel by the year 2023. President Boric also referred to the use of firearms and expressed that “armed violence will not be tolerated in our country”, and therefore reaffirmed the program “Less Guns, More Security”, which proposes the radical limitation of their legal access and called on Congress to support the approval of a law that will allow progress towards a total ban on the possession of weapons, and at the same time, strengthen the institutional framework in charge of control. STREET COMMERCE AND ORGANIZED CRIME Regarding the situation of street commerce in the country, the Head of State commented that the raid carried out in the Meiggs neighborhood of Santiago, “will be replicated in the Action Plan for the Control and Inspection of Illicit and Street Commerce, implemented in 12 regions of the country”. In addition, he informed that this year “we will approve a National Policy Against Organized Crime and we will allocate $3 billion of the 2022 budget for its prevention, control and prosecution”. FROM NORTH TO SOUTH President Gabriel Boric outlined the measures to be taken in the south of Chile, mainly in the so-called southern macro-zone, which includes the provinces of Biobío and Arauco in the Biobío Region and the entire Araucanía Region, which focus on a “significant increase in the operational capacity of the Carabineros”. “We will invest Ch$4,500 million for the purchase of armored trucks. One billion pesos will also be available for the purchase of drones to facilitate police action”, he specified. Regarding the migratory crisis in the north of Chile, he informed that more than $48 billion will be invested in security infrastructure within the framework of the “Our North” program, of which $17 billion will be invested this year to improve the replacement of checkpoints, police stations and police stations in the regions of Antofagasta, Tarapacá́, Arica and Parinacota. JUSTICE In the area of justice, President Boric anticipated that the sanitary, electrical and structural installations of various penitentiaries in Arica, Talca, Molina and Parral will be improved, and the San Joaquín Women’s Penitentiary Center will be enlarged and the Biobío Penitentiary Complex will be refurbished. EXPO SECURITY In view of the importance of reinforcing security in the country, this year a new version of SeguridadExpo will be held in Santiago, the most important international security fair in Chile, which will bring together in one place the national and international security industry, consolidating itself as the meeting point to analyze the challenges and advances in public and private security. The fair and international congress, which will be held between October 25 and 27 at the new Parque FISA fairgrounds, will present a wide range of technological solutions and innovations that seek to contribute to improving the security standards and quality of life of the people. The international fair will cover 8,000 square meters of exhibition space, and more than 90 exhibiting companies representing 25 countries, including Brazil, the United States, China, Switzerland, Spain, Germany and Australia, are expected to participate. More than 5,000 professional visitors are expected to attend the three-day exhibition. The event will seek to reaffirm the important role of security in Chile, showcase local development in goods, products and services oriented to the industry; exchange experiences, technologies and international developments with the national industry; introduce to the market new technologies not available in the country, and deliver effective solutions to the police, Armed Forces and civilians. Source: Radio ADN Contacto prensa: Cristián Larraín +569 5208 7993

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