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Official Press Release Security Expo 2022

Security Expo has been the main international event of the sector in Chile, exceeding 15,000 M2 of exhibition, has summoned more than 30 thousand visitors in last 6 versions, and over 300 exhibitors and 2,000 represented brands. [...]

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Senate Committee approves first articles creating Ministry of Security and Citizen Coexistence

The norms approved by the legislative body are related to the objectives of the portfolio, the Public Security System to be implemented and the functions it will have. [...]

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Three technological solutions to ensure the security of a small and medium-sized company

In order to ensure the protection of people and assets, there are different tools that automate and maximize security, providing greater efficiency and comfort to the daily operations of companies. [...]

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Security Expo projects more than 3 thousand visitors in its international meeting that will come to Chile in October

The VII International Integral Security Exhibition and Congress, one of the most important meetings in Latin America that brings together the public and private security sector in one place, will be held between October 25 and 27. [...]

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Focused on security: President Boric begins tour in the Region of Arica and Parinacota

This is his third regional tour of the country, which will extend from June 28 to June 30. Among his activities, he is expected to visit the Chacalluta Border Complex, while on Thursday he will lead the National Security Council to be held in Arica. [...]

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Public Account: Chile increases investment in security, seeks to strengthen the protection of the population

Investment of $1.8 billion to the PDI, allocation of $3 billion of the 2022 budget for the creation of the National Policy Against Organized Crime, purchase of armored trucks for $4.5 billion for the South Macrozone, and $1 billion pesos for the purchase of drones to facilitate police action. [...]

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Essential Internet security rules that everyone should be aware of

We live in an era in which the Internet plays a leading role, as it has been a fundamental channel to overcome the confinement caused by the pandemic. This connection has allowed us to be constantly informed and in contact with other people, no matter where they are. [...]

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SeguridadExpo: Chile’s largest international security event returns in October

The most important international security trade fair in Chile has already begun preparations for its new 2022 version. SeguridadExpo will bring together in one place the national and international security industry [...]

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Presidential candidates announce their proposals on security at the International Security CongressExpo

Within the framework of the VI integral fair that takes place in Chile, Seguridad Expo 2021, the International Congress was held in parallel with rapporteurs from the public and private world. [...]

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Motorola Solutions brings cutting-edge innovation to the country for a safer Chile

Motorola Solutions brings cutting-edge innovation to the country for a safer Chile Motorola Solutions presents at Security Expo 2021 the latest innovation technologies in mission critical and puts them at the service of the country’s security, [...]

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