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Asmar: strategic defense company present at SecurityExpo 2021

ASMAR is a Strategic Defense Company of the State of Chile, of autonomous administration, being recognized as an Essential Company in the area of the naval and defense industry, whose main activity [...]

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Security with more than 25 years of experience

Sseguridad is a company that not only offers guards to large stores, supermarkets or commercial premises, but also incorporates the technological area in security and operation. [...]

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PREIZA SPA present at SEGURIDADEXPO Preiza SPA, we are a company dedicated to the commercialization of Power Tools and Personal Protective Equipment, [...]

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Kaufmann, leader in service and quality will be present at SeguridadExpo

Kaufmann, with more than 65 years of leadership in service and quality, the official representative of Mercedes-Benz, Freightliner and Fuso in Chile, will participate in the new version of SeguridadExpo to be held in Chile between October 26 and 28 at Espacio Riesco. [...]

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SecurityExpo addresses the country’s cybersecurity challenges at the launching of its digital platform

The seminar was led by Undersecretary of Telecommunications, Francisco Moreno and by Senator, Kenneth Pugh. [...]

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Dialog will exhibit a highly secure messaging platform in October

With the aim of increasing its clients in Latin America, “Dialog” will participate for the first time in SeguridadExpo that will take place between October 26 and 28 [...]

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Challenges and risks of the digital age

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is in full swing. Technologies based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, in addition to improvements in processing and storage, have a disruptive impact on business and management models. [...]

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SeguridadExpo announces its exhibition in hybrid format and rescheduled its realization for October

The new edition, that will occur between October 26 and 28, will be in virtual and on-site format, aiming to ensure that everyone can be part of it, assuming that for that date there will still be travel restrictions in the world. [...]

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SeguridadExpo continues to work for its new 2021 version

SeguridadExpo continues tuning up preparations for the VI version of Chile’s most important exhibition to be held from September 8 to 10 this year. [...]

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Ministry of the Interior hastens project presentation to create the new Ministry of Public Security

It was planned for the end of the first semester, but President Piñera’s government is seeking to accelerate definitions and is determined to present the bill creating [...]

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