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Press Center - SeguridadExpo 2019

SeguridadExpo 2019

Companies from Brazil, China, Spain and Canada will be part of SEGURIDADEXPO CHILE 2019

Companies from Chile and four other countries will be part of SEGURIDADEXPO CHILE 2019 this August 27th, 28th and 29th in Santiago. [...]

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Last minute news

March has the highest percentage in commuting accident

The 40% of the accidents in women happen while they walk to their jobs, on the other hand, in man, accidents are related to fast driving. [...]

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A covert threat to Companies productivity

The World Health Organization reported Road safety as the 9th death cause worldwide. [...]

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Technological trends

Chilean alert systems gave an alert one minute before the Coquimbo earthquake

Xancura, a system with a private seismic monitor network installed through the country, alerted about the movement one minute before. [...]

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Artificial Intelligence Helps in Natural Disasters Management

Many initiatives that work with algorithm to make faster the help on these situations were compiled. [...]

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International News

Wax hands to hack scanners

The security system by veins have not been implemented on phones at the time. [...]

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Commentator thinks

Is Chile prepared to deal with wildfires?

By Andrés Weintraub, Complex Engineering Systems Institute, Industrial Engineering Universidad de Chile. National Award for Applied Sciences. [...]

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Continuity of National Cybersecurity Policies

Chile has reach the 33th place in the “National Cyber Security Index” done by the e-Governance Academy Foundation of Estonia, advancing 21 places due to the continuity of National Cybersecurity policies. [...]

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Sector statistics

XIV Urban Survey of Public Safety ENUSC 2017

Made by the national institute of statistics, called INE, the last edition of the National Survey of Public Safety was published on May 14th 2018. [...]

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Global Security Index (ITU 2017)

The Global Cybersecurity Index (GCI) is a trusted reference that measures the commitment of countries to cybersecurity at a global level. [...]

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