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Participation Alternatives

Basic Booth

USD 385 + TAX x sqm From 9 sqm

Equipped Booth

USD 402 + TAX x sqm From 9 sqm

Net Area

USD 275 + TAX x sqm Over 50 sqm

Additional Rates

For preferential location

Headside island

3 free sides: USD 855

2 free sides: USD 640

Advertising Graphics: Choose the ideal complement for your booth

Full color advertising header: Image of 295 x 75 cms

Unit Cost: USD 309

Full color traffic floor graphic: Image of 150 x 55 cms

Unit Cost: USD 193

Advertising header + full color high traffic floor graphics

Unit Cost: USD 424

Booth reference image with additional graphics. Each design is the responsibility of the exhibitor.

Contact Info

Chilean Sales

Margarita Vásquez

+56 9 7135 4534

International Sales

Marco Castro

+56 9 3012 9255