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SeguridadExpo begins commercial sales and emphasizes the halls that the exhibition contemplates

The VI version of the most important Comprehensive Security exhibition in the country already has the participation of national and international companies to exhibit their products and services this 2021. [...]

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Cybersecurity Challenges for 2021

Without doubt, computer security will continue to be relevant for people and organizations during 2021, given the advance of the digital transformation, the value of information and the massification of the Internet, among other factors. [...]

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SeguridadExpo confirms date for sixth version in 2021

SeguridadExpo, the most important comprehensive security exhibition in Chile, made official its date for the next version, from September 8 to 10, 2021 at Espacio Riesco. [...]

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SeguridadExpo 2019: High-level technology exhibition was a great success

With a large number of attendees and a world-class technology exhibition the 5th version of SeguridadExpo 2019 took place between August 27 and 29. [...]

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SeguridadExpo 2019 brings innovative anti-crime tools aimed at companies, public entities and citizens

During the event, the 5th International Congress of SeguridadExpo will be held, which will address the theme: “Protection of strategic assets, cybersecurity and heritage”. [...]

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More than a hundred companies with technologies in SeguridadExpo

Editorial Note Diario Financiero | August 19 | Page 11 – Companies Este evento, el más importante del sector en Chile contempla salones de seguridad pública y privada, industrial y laboral, fuego y desastres naturales. Cerca de 150 empresas provenientes de más de 10 países ya confirmaron su participación en la 5° Exhibición Internacional “SeguridadExpo”. […] [...]

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Innovation comes to SeguridadExpo 2019

About 160 companies from more than 10 countries have already confirmed their participation in the 5th International Exhibition on Comprehensive Security [...]

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Companies from Brazil, China, Spain and Canada will be part of SEGURIDADEXPO CHILE 2019

Companies from Chile and four other countries will be part of SEGURIDADEXPO CHILE 2019 this August 27th, 28th and 29th in Santiago. [...]

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Be part of the only security exhibition in Chile

The main challenge for SEGURIDADEXPO CHILE will be to show the last innovations and technologies for Comprehensive Security in three halls. [...]

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