Focused on security: President Boric begins tour in the Region of Arica and Parinacota

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This is his third regional tour of the country, which will extend from June 28 to June 30. Among his activities, he is expected to visit the Chacalluta Border Complex, while on Thursday he will lead the National Security Council to be held in Arica. President Gabriel Boric arrived at the Chacalluta International Airport, in the Region of Arica and Parinacota. The reason? To kick off his third regional tour of the country, which will be marked by a security agenda and will run from June 28 to 30. The trip was announced on Friday last week by the President and, on this occasion, the delegation will include, among others, the Director General of the Carabineros, Ricardo Yáñez, the Director General of the Investigative Police (PDI), Sergio Muñoz, Senator José Miguel Insunza (PS) and Deputy Vlado Mirosevic (PL). A security agenda On his arrival in the northern region, President Boric and his entourage were received with honors and the presidential delegate, Ricardo Sanzana, will welcome them. Then, 45 minutes later, the President headed the Regional Cabinet Council, which was also attended by the Governor of Arica and Parinacota, Jorge Díaz, together with the government seremis of the area. During the afternoon, they visited the Chacalluta Border Complex and toured its facilities, accompanied by personnel from Customs, the Agricultural and Livestock Service and the PDI. To culminate his first day of the tour, at 5:00 p.m. he attended a citizen assembly in the Poblado Artesanal, together with social organizations of the Arica Region. As one of the focuses of this trip is security, on Thursday -the last day of the presidential tour- a National Security Council will be held in Arica, which will be led by Boric and in which the directors of the Carabineros and the PDI will participate. However, for this occasion, the attendance of the Undersecretary of the Interior, Manuel Monsalve, who is expected to arrive in the area on Wednesday, and of the Ministers of the Interior, Izkia Siches, of National Assets, Javiera Toro, and of Women and Gender Equality, Antonia Orellana, is also contemplated. SEGURIDAD EXPO In view of the importance of reinforcing security in the country, SeguridadExpo will be held, the most important international security fair in Chile, which will bring together in one place the national and international security industry, consolidating itself as the meeting point to analyze the challenges and advances in the field. The fair and international congress, which will be held between October 25 and 27 at the new Parque FISA fairgrounds, will present a wide range of technological solutions and innovations that seek to develop the security market. The international fair will be spread over 8 thousand square meters of exhibition space, and more than 90 exhibiting companies representing 25 countries, including Brazil, the United States, China, Switzerland, Spain, Germany and Australia, are expected to participate. More than 5,000 professional visitors are expected to attend the three-day exhibition. SeguridadExpo, now in its sixth version, will provide a privileged space for commercial exchange, the introduction of new technologies and the improvement of productivity in the execution and operation of projects related to defense and security. Likewise, the event seeks to reaffirm the important role of security in Chile, showcase local development in goods, products and services oriented to the industry; exchange experiences, technologies and international developments with the national industry; introduce to the market new technologies not available in the country, and deliver effective solutions to the police, Armed Forces and civilians. Source: La Tercera

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