SMARTBOT: Robotic solutions for safety and protection problems of critical assets

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Press SeguridadExpo 2023 –

SMARTBOT’s mission is to deliver to the American market unique Robotics products and solutions that solve the safety and security problems of critical assets and companies in general. We believe that there are repetitive, tedious tasks or in which the life or physical integrity of human beings is at stake that can be performed by autonomous robotic assistants, endowed with an increasing degree of Artificial Intelligence, which allow in addition to protecting human beings from the risks and tedium of these tasks, increase their efficiency and productivity, allowing workers to concentrate on decision-making activities. Our robots do not replace human beings, they are a tool and integrate empathically with them, generating positive bonds and improving the general work environment where they are employed. This year, SMARTBOT will be present at Stand 130 of SFA Seguridad y protección Ltda. Where we will have present a TIGER 2021 robot for security patrol uses and a Claudia robot for use is access control and sanitary control.

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