The keys to SeguridadExpo in 2023: Increased investment in public security and the challenges of combating crime in Chile

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The current security scenario in Chile has presented a complex panorama, presenting a worrying increase in crime: Homicides, rapes and violent vehicle thefts in 2022 registered their highest figures in recent years.

The figures, provided by a report of Libertad y Desarrollo with data from the Carabineros STOP system, revealed that in 2022, on average, two homicides, eight rapes, 35 car burglaries and 88 vehicle thefts were registered per day.

The Carabineros added that crimes of greater social connotation increased last year by 45% compared to 2021.

Furthermore, compared to 2021, the year 2022 showed an increase in robberies by 53%, thefts by 46%, homicides by 42%, rapes by 12%, and finally conflicts with injuries by 25%.

In addition, there was an increase in violent crime, up 63%, and robberies with force rose 47%. Violent vehicle thefts, on the other hand, almost doubled.

In response to public concern about security issues, the Chilean government increased the budget allocated to public security by 4.4%, which implies a contribution of $164 million. This investment increases the Carabineros’ budget by $25 billion, allocates $38 billion to Policies Against Organized Crime, and increases municipal investment funds by 6.2%.

“The 2022 presented a worrying panorama, where it became evident that the country needs to increase its security and be attentive to the new challenges presented by delinquency and organized crime. This is why we want to invite the entire related industry to be part of the largest security meeting in the country, to discover the latest in innovation and technology, and to analyze what is required to be prepared for the new requirements of today and the future,” said Victoria Belloni, manager of SeguridadExpo.


Between October 5 and 7, 2023, the most important international security fair in Chile, SeguridadExpo, will be held at the Parque Fisa fairgrounds, where the largest offer related to the industry will be gathered, and the 2nd Summit Seguridad Futuro 2023, in which the most relevant national and global security issues will be addressed, together with prominent national and international speakers from the public and private sectors.

The international meeting, designed to analyze the challenges and advances in the field, will present an exhibition that will address three thematic axes, where a wide range of technological solutions in the sector and innovations that seek to develop the security-related market will be on display.

In its new 2023 version, more than 5,000 professional visitors are expected to visit the exhibition, which will be spread over 10,000 square meters, with more than 120 exhibiting companies representing 25 countries, including Mexico, Brazil, the United States, China, Switzerland, Spain, Germany and Australia.

Security Expo will provide a privileged space for commercial exchange, the introduction of new technologies and the improvement of productivity in the execution and operation of projects related to defense and security.

The event also seeks to reaffirm the important role of security in Chile, showcase local development in goods, products and services oriented to the industry; exchange experiences, technologies and international developments with the national industry; introduce new technologies not available in the country to the market, and deliver effective solutions to security forces and public order.

In this new version, the fair will have three main themes:

-Industrial, Road and Labor Safety: It will be focused on the main technologies and solutions for the prevention of risks at work in terms of safety, occupational hygiene and personal protection, and will have a strong emphasis on biosafety, where you will find the latest trends on how to deal with safety at work today as a result of the experience of the Covid-19 sanitary crisis facing Chile and the world.

In the road area, everything related to roads, signaling, support points in case of emergency, and vehicular accidents will be analyzed. Likewise, the collaborative work presented by the Fire Department, Carabineros, and other public institutions that present a set of actions aimed at preventing, controlling and reducing the risk of death or injury to people in their movements, whether in motorized or non-motorized means, will be discussed.

-Fire Control, Emergencies and Natural Disasters: There will be exhibitors with technologies and equipment for emergency situations, rescue, prevention and risk reduction in the face of threats caused by fire and natural disasters.

-Private, Public and Cybersecurity: A variety of cutting-edge technological innovations will be presented, as well as products related to cybersecurity. In its 2019 version, companies participated with equipment and services such as communication and tracking systems; prevention, alarm exhibition, armor, detectors, and vehicles such as aircraft, helicopters, boats, police vehicles, land and unmanned vehicles were exhibited.

SeguridadExpo, which already has six versions since 2015, will provide a privileged space for commercial exchange, the introduction of new technologies and the improvement of productivity in the execution and operation of projects related to defense, security and natural disasters.

It will also reaffirm the important role of security in Chile, showing local development in goods, products, services and effective solutions aimed at industry, public/private sector, police, Armed Forces and civilians.

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