Three technological solutions to ensure the security of a small and medium-sized company

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In order to ensure the protection of people and assets, there are different tools that automate and maximize security, providing greater efficiency and comfort to the daily operations of companies. The implementation of security tools provides peace of mind to business owners, since their customers, personnel and assets are kept protected. Some of the existing solutions include: intelligent video, reliable alarm systems that enhance and automate the provision of protection. The purpose of the technologies is to help small businesses increase their security so that they have time for revenue-generating activities. In this regard, Samuel Ramirez, Project Manager of Hikvision Chile, explains that “there is a portfolio of complete solutions that includes all the necessary intelligent solutions, so that owners can protect their facilities”. Below, Hikvision details the security options that can protect and simplify the activities of SMEs: Proactive and automated security coverage with artificial intelligence-powered video security: cameras automatically act to protect against privacy breaches at any time of day or night, even in extremely low lighting conditions. More importantly, the devices can distinguish between real threats, such as people or vehicles violating the perimeter of a site or building, as well as ignore harmless moving objects, such as falling leaves, moving animals or heavy rain. False alarms can be reduced, saving time and reducing stress for business owners and managers. Accurate and reliable alarm systems for a variety of security scenarios: These tools feature a wide range of indoor and outdoor detectors for intrusions, fires, gas leaks and water leaks, with options for wired and wireless installations. In this way, business owners can also arm or disarm the entire system with a single touch and verify any alarms via video streams sent to their mobile devices. Efficient access control and management solutions: Helping business owners and managers maximize security, even when they are off-site. With 99% recognition accuracy, ensure that only authorized persons enter sites or buildings. An additional benefit of this solution is the ability to manage staff time and attendance based on highly accurate data. Finally, Samuel Ramirez, Project Manager at Hikvision Chile, assures that “implementing security systems maximizes efficiency and convenience, for business owners and managers, since by protecting 24/7 people and assets from anywhere, it generates less stress and manual interventions.” Source: Emol

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