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SeguridadExpo 2023: the first day of the congress highlighted the use of technology and artificial intelligence for crime prevention.

The experts valued inter-agency collaboration and tools such as facial recognition. They also reflected on the challenges of private security.

Publicada: Thursday 9 de November del 2023
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During the first day of the SeguridadExpo 2023 congress, and in parallel to the fair that showcases the latest technologies in the industry being held at Metropolitan Santiago, various experts from the public, private and academic sectors met to highlight the fundamental role played by technology in the fight against crime. Panel 1, entitled “Use of technological tools in crime prevention”, featured the presentation of Richard Weber, an academic from the University of Chile, and his platform “Fiscal Heredia”, an innovative Artificial Intelligence tool, which is currently being used in Chile. This AI has become an essential tool to create connections between criminals and criminal events. “Fiscal Heredia” uses facial recognition, news text analysis and victim statements to identify patterns, such as amount stolen, location, date, number of participants in the crime and use of weapons. This data is used to establish links, how they operate and locations of criminal activity. The implementation of the platform has enabled different prosecutors’ offices to create an effective network for the identification and capture of organized criminal gangs. This technological advance represents a major step forward in the fight against crime in Chile. The panel of experts that participated in this discussion included, in addition to Richard Weber, Raimundo Prieto, vice-president of ALOG; Juan Velázquez, colonel of the Criminal Analysis Department and developer of the “Virtual Police Station” citizen attention platform; Alex Pillán, head of Technovigilance of the Department of Technovigilance and Radiocommunications of Gendarmería de Chile; and Alejandro Ávalos, Coordinator of Public Policy Evaluation of the Undersecretariat for Crime Prevention. A crucial point highlighted in the discussion was the importance of strategic alliances between the public and private sectors to promote the development of these innovations. Colonel Juan Velázquez emphasized the importance of collaboration between public agencies in the success of the Virtual Police Station platform. At the end of the panel, Richard Weber commented on the challenges they currently face as an industry. “I see a lack of linkage between the private world, the public and academia,” said Weber, adding that “it is not enough to buy technology, we need to train professionals, we cannot buy packaged solutions from other countries and implement them here. I believe that there is an important challenge, to recognize the need to accompany technology with training”. In the afternoon, two additional panels were held to address key issues in the field of security. Panel 2 “Strengthening private security: in search of integral implementation”, counted with the outstanding participation of experts in the field. Colonel (R) of Carabineros de Chile, Pedro Valdivia, played the role of moderator in this block, and was joined by renowned panelists such as Kevin Millins, CEO of Bola Wrap; Antonio Montero, General Manager of ASEVA; Pía Green, CESCRO academic; Colonel Miguel Calderón, Prefect of the private security prefecture O.S.10. This panel provided valuable insight on measures to strengthen private security and address challenges in this area. The closing block “Facing Road Safety Challenges: Building Safe Connectivity” was a space in which essential issues related to road safety were discussed. Participants included Alberto Escobar, Director of Mobility and Public Policies of the Automobile Club; Pablo Allard, Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Art of the UDD; Francesca Lucchini, Engineer specialized in Artificial Intelligence; Luz Infante, Executive Secretary of Conaset; and Marcela González, General of the Traffic, Roads and Road Safety Zone.

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