Mexican company present at Security Expo 2021: The Rescuer’s Palace Business of the company

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Press SeguridadExpo 2022 –

Marketing and manufacture of vehicles and equipment for safety, firefighting and civil protection. Company description: EL PALACIO DEL RESCATISTA is the main supplier in Mexico of all equipment for Firefighters, Civil Protection and Rescue with products of the most advanced European technology. By offering the highest quality and cutting-edge technology to the fire and rescue service and providing the best equipment, we provide the tools for the protection of the health, life and heritage of all the people of Mexico and of the firefighters and rescuers themselves. Our program of training courses and preventive maintenance contracts offer the technical elements necessary for the proper use of equipment, vehicles and tools, the resulting in safety and timely response in accidents, fires and disaster cases. novelties that will be presented at Seguridad Expo chile 2021 Fire, emergency and rescue vehicles of our own design with German technology, tailored to the needs of each client. Our state-of-the-art vehicles are fully equipped for firefighting and first emergency response. Made in Mexico with the most advanced European technology, mainly German, on different types of chassis, they are adapted and customized for each institution, company or fire department, taking into account the characteristics of urbanity of the cities, municipalities or industrial complexes that require it, thus offering units with maximum extinguishing power, ecological, efficient and functional for civil protection. Among many more options we have the following vehicles: AAR1 RAPID ATTACK PUMP on chassis Mercedes Benz Sprinter Crew Cab 515: Rapid response vehicle: Functionality and efficiency with organized, safe and practical equipment. TTBR (ALL TERRAIN FIREFIGHTERS and RESCUE) Truck INTERNATIONAL 7400 SFA Chassis 4X4. Equipped Emergency Response Vehicle, extended cabin. Heavy Urban Pump. Truck Bull 6000 4×2 E3 Double Cab – 380 PS. Original Magirus vehicle of maximum capacity and power. Ideal to bring a lot of water to the scene. TTBR ALL-TERRAIN FIRE AND RESCUE. FORD F 250 CREW CAB SUPER DUTY TRUCK: Multifunction extinguishing vehicle for all types of emergencies. Equipped and Ready to go!

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