82% of company directors in Chile believe that cybersecurity should be a priority

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A survey conducted jointly by Amcham and EY’s Institute of Directors of Chile (IdDC), showed the concern about cybersecurity that exists in the key bodies of each corporate governance. Cybersecurity has been growing as a key issue within companies. This was reflected in a survey conducted by the Chilean American Chamber of Commerce, AmCham Chile, through the Artificial Intelligence and Data Committee, and in conjunction with the Institute of Directors of Chile (IdDC), an organization created by EY in exclusive association with the Institute of Directors (IoD) of the United Kingdom. The survey, which addressed 30 top-level directors in the country, showed that 82% of them believe that cybersecurity should be at the center of the agenda of the boards. Also, 100% of those consulted consider it necessary for them to deepen their own knowledge in this area. The results of the survey were gathered in the workshop ‘Cybersecurity for Boards of Directors: Opportunities and Threats from a Strategic Perspective’, in a meeting held last September. On the occasion, the challenges faced by boards of directors in relation to cybersecurity were discussed, such as increasing investments in the area and improving the training of teams; giving greater priority to the issue in the scale of risks to be controlled and monitored; generating traceability in cybersecurity matters; and promoting the care of the boards themselves in the handling of information considered to be complex. The instance also defined ways of action to improve policies to meet the challenges, such as closing talent gaps; the adoption of a clear and defined funding policy in the area; and reimagining the value of cybersecurity for companies. Thus, among the 10 concrete actions to be implemented, it was established: the integration of cybersecurity in the talent strategy; the clear definition of cybersecurity responsibilities in each company; the establishment of cybersecurity protocols, regularly confirming their compliance; the risk assessment of all key assets and the determination of protection approaches for each one; among others. The exercise, held on Monday 19, brought together 35 executives from the companies that make up the cybersecurity committee of the Retail Financial Association, and was carried out as part of the agreement that the association signed with CSIRT, among 70 other companies. Among the participating companies were Banco Falabella, Cencosud- Scotiabank, Banco Ripley, Líder BCI, SBPay, Hites and ABCDin. Source: La Tercera – Pulso

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