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Summit Seguridad Futuro, the prelude to the largest international security meeting in Chile, comes to an end

With the presence of the Undersecretary of Crime Prevention, Eduardo Vergara, Summit Seguridad Futuro 2022 was held today, the prelude to the largest international security fair and congress in Latin America: SeguridadExpo 2023.

Publicada: Wednesday 14 de December del 2022
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With the presence of the Undersecretary of Crime Prevention, Eduardo Vergara, Summit Seguridad Futuro 2022 was held today, the prelude to the largest international security fair and congress in Latin America: SeguridadExpo 2023. The meeting, which brought together the security industry at the Metropolitan Santiago convention center in Vitacura, presented the International Congress “Summit Security Future 2022 – Preventing and Detecting Threats: Pillars for the Development of a Secure Future”, which addressed the most relevant national and global security issues, together with prominent national and international speakers from the public and private sectors. At the event, the Undersecretary for Crime Prevention, Eduardo Vergara, highlighted the importance of bringing together the industry, gave details of security at the national level, and mentioned the challenges that currently arise at the institutional level, stressing the importance of working together to achieve a better development of security at the national level. “As a government we have a responsibility with security. For us to move forward we have to go beyond the public frontier. Our public-private task, like the work we do with companies and those who are dedicated to developing the best technologies, is to make them available in a way that has an accessibility component,” he said. “Security is a right and not a privilege, and that is precisely where we are moving towards. We are committed to continue working together, thinking of larger spaces, where the public and private sectors come together to make available the best alternatives for crime prevention and people’s safety,” he added. INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS The meeting presented 4 thematic axes: “Cyber Security: The urgency of knowing how to anticipate and act; “Smart Cities: Intelligent Security”; “Disasters, Institutionalism, Society and Resilience”; and “Organized Crime: An illegal business model”. The event analyzed the main security challenges that affect people and institutions, delving into the strategies, advances and innovations in the field, which present new alternatives to provide greater protection for public and private spaces and for all people. On the occasion, Maria Luisa Acuña, Cyber Risk Partner at Deloitte Chile, presented how current threats in the digital world affect both the Chilean and global environment, and what strategy with associated guidelines should be defined to help cope with this complex scenario that we have today. “To define a strategy, you must first consider the risks that exist in the organization and where you most want to put focus in terms of protection. Secondly, there is raising awareness among users, because you need a change of habit in terms of how people move in a digital ecosystem. The third thing is linked to how an organization establishes a more resilient landscape, and that has to do with acting as if they were to receive an attack, therefore, programs must be established where security is tested and staff are trained. This is the best way to know how you could deal with a security problem”. In addition, Summit Seguridad Futuro featured the panel “Are we prepared?”, which analyzed the disruptive events that Chile faces on a frequent basis, whether due to tidal waves, forest fires or volcanic eruptions. For his part, the Director of the Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service of the Chilean Navy (SHOA), Commodore Arturo Oxley, noted that “over the years we have been implementing new technologies that have allowed us to be at a high level of security, which makes us at least in Chile a good reference in what is the prevention and monitoring of tsunamis. Thanks to the national technological development, we have systems that allow us to monitor any sea level station and any tsunami detector buoy”. Regarding the congress, Oxley emphasized that “it was extraordinary to have this showcase to show the public and the security industry what we do. Normally we do not have this space to show how we have been improving in the process, and the prestige that Chile has today worldwide, particularly in the Pacific basin, due to threats that unfortunately will continue to occur. Our preparation will be to be able to react in the best possible way to these events, which are sometimes of great uncertainty”. The manager of SeguridadExpo, Victoria Belloni, added that “we are happy to have presented a congress with such important speakers, to address the main security challenges of the country, and the solutions that are required, both at the public and private level. In this way, we deliver the prelude to SeguridadExpo 2023, which will present the main solutions to security problems, both in the country and abroad. You are all invited to be part of it”. SECURITY EXPO 2023 The most important international security fair and congress in Chile, Seguridad Expo 2023, will be held between October 5 and 7, 2023, at the Parque FISA fairgrounds in the Pudahuel district. It will present an exhibition with a wide range of technological solutions for the sector and innovations that will seek to develop the security-related market. The event will cover 20 thousand square meters of exhibition space and will bring together more than 150 exhibiting companies representing 10 countries, including Brazil, the United States, China, Switzerland, Spain, Germany and Australia, consolidating itself as the largest meeting point for analyzing the challenges and advances in the sector. Thus, during the three days of the exhibition, more than 5 thousand professional visitors are expected to attend. It will also provide a privileged space for commercial exchange, the introduction of new technologies and the improvement of productivity in the execution and operation of projects related to defense and security. In addition, on Saturday, October 7, SeguridadExpo will feature recreations and emergency scenarios, whose solutions will be coordinated by public-private initiatives. These training demonstrations, which will be carried out under official protocols and established standards, are intended to show the modus operandi and the deployment of equipment to face dangerous and catastrophic situations.

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