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Smart Partners will once again debut technologies that will impact the country’s Security at SeguridadExpo 2023

Smart Partners, a recognized Chilean leader in mobile security technologies, will once again be at SeguridadExpo, surprising with high impact technologies for the country’s security.

Publicada: Monday 6 de November del 2023
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Imagine if we could say that in Chile the police managed to de-escalate violent interactions by more than 80%, or that interactions that used to end with serious injuries or even lives, now these events are avoided. This is what the use of force tool has delivered globally, with results in the protection of security officers, the protection of the lives of citizens and the de-escalation of violent interactions, the momentary immobilization device, TASER. Used in more than 100 countries and recognized worldwide, it will be present at SeguridadExpo 2023 with its current generation of greatest impact: the TASER 7. Likewise, other technologies that have come to improve the day to day police and the relationship between security service and citizenship, are the Body Worn Cameras. And in this item there is a brand that has positioned itself with the most important security services in the world: AXON. At SeguridadExpo 2023 Axon together with Smart Partners will be presenting its Axon Body 3 generation, which brings the same recognized security and performance, plus transmission and connectivity in real time. Robotics meets security, and Smart Partners impacts the Chilean security market once again with the Boston Dynamics SPOT Robot. This robot dog, which will be present at SeguridadExpo, not only takes the agility and capacity of robotics to a new level, but is also a valuable tool for various security functions, from explosives analysis and deactivation operations, CBRN threats, risky security interventions that the robot can perform instead of putting humans at risk, and inspection of various types, both security and industrial. One of the most important topics for citizens is also the prevention and effective action against crime. Smart Partners will present its state-of-the-art video-analytic technology based on Artificial Intelligence, which allows preventing criminal acts, as well as allowing security services to act immediately in case of a recent event, with analytics and/or reading of patents. All without having to change and/or buy more hardware, reusing the existing cameras of the institutions, can transform them into intelligent ones, saving millions of pesos to the institutions. Drones are here to stay in security, but there is still a lot to grow and to be enhanced. This has been the focus of Smart Partners, enhancing the use of traditional drones with different technologies. Among them are the possibility of live transmission and management of drone fleets, as well as tethered drones, the technology that allows having a drone in flight for more than 48 hours for persistent aerial surveillance of massive events, critical infrastructure, borders, among others. Smart Partners will be presenting these and more technologies, come to their booth and experience the vanguard of world security.

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