Seguridad Expo Connect

Seguridad Expo Connect is a platform designed for registration from the web, mobile phones and tablets, developed by Fisa’s Grupo GL events. Thus, Seguridad Expo will be organized in hybrid format (virtual and face-to-face modes), allowing exhibitors and visitors to connect before, during, and after the event. With Seguridad Expo Connect, exhibitors will be able to: • Create an exhibitor profile with information about your company enabling you to present your offer of technologies, products and services • Upload your products onto a marketplace, which features a fast and advanced search filter for easy navigation. • Contact and connect with visitors to the event and have professional meetings. • Make your presentations, in case of virtual participation, or attend talks in some of the two (2) scenarios available. • Generate a record of the contacts made and obtain reports from visitors about your exhibitor profile. • Get online support for using the platform. All those registered (exhibitors and visitors), will be able to create their profiles and follow the presentations, activations, demonstrations, among other live activities, via the Security Expo Connect platform or afterwards upon demand, since it will be available online for six (6) months (beginning two (2) months before the event and up to four (4) months after it ends).