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Security cameras, drones, and new solutions for companies and individuals to be part of Security Expo 2023

This November 07 and 09, the meeting will bring together the industry, presenting the main conflicts, challenges and solutions associated with security, which affect Chile and the world today.

Publicada: Wednesday 2 de August del 2023
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-This November 07 and 09, the meeting will bring together the industry, presenting the main conflicts, challenges and solutions associated with security, which affect Chile and the world today. -To date, Chile has seen a significant increase in data breaches, with an 80% increase in cyber-attacks on Chilean cell phones connected to the Internet in the last six months. The Metropolitan Santiago convention center will be the venue for the largest security meeting in the country, Security Expo 2023, which will bring together different actors in the field, both national and international. The event will present the latest advances in different products and services that seek to present new and improved tools to combat crime, including security cameras, drones, security films for vehicles, and new technological solutions for companies and individuals. The fair and international congress will be held between November 07 and 09, 2023, presenting a wide range of technological solutions and innovations aimed at developing the market. The fair expects to receive 5,000 professionals in the field, who will be able to visit around 120 exhibiting companies that provide security-related products and services, representing 25 countries. The event will focus on reaffirming the important role of security in Chile, showcasing local development in goods, products and services oriented to the industry; exchanging experiences, technologies and international developments with the national industry; introducing new technologies not available in the country to the market, and providing effective solutions to the police, Armed Forces and civilians. “In this seventh version of Security Expo, we invite the entire industry to participate, seeking to enhance the security market, which has become one of the main topics of the national agenda. The meeting will be the ideal space for commercial exchange, the introduction of new technologies and the improvement of productivity in the execution and operation of projects related to defense and security. Today Chile has the opportunity to move forward and solve problems that affect its citizens. Don’t be left out of the largest security meeting for Latin America,” said FISA’s deputy general manager, Rodrigo Lobo. The international Security Expo congress will be guided by the following thematic axes: Public and private security, cybersecurity, border control, South Macrozone, established in relation to the problems that Chile and the world have, and taking into account the latest technologies in the field to solve them. In this way, there will be different activities such as lectures, business meetings with municipalities, technical conferences, special events, among others. This parallel to the fair aims to address the main current issues and trends related to public and private security. CYBERSECURITY IN CHILE Data from the multinational cybersecurity firm Kaspersky, indicated that there were 37 thousand ransomware attacks -data hijacking- during the first semester of this year, compared to the 12 thousand registered in the same period of 2022. Fabios Assolini, director of Kaspersky’s research and analysis team for Latin America, pointed out that, since the start of the pandemic, the number of companies and people working remotely increased, which has led to a rise in cyberattacks. “For home users, who have their smartphones, the most common threat is the infection of cell phones with a malicious application, to steal card data and passwords”, deepened the Kaspersky member. For companies and government institutions, meanwhile, the analyst indicated that the most common threat is ransomware attacks, which are codes that hijack files and demand a ransom to be paid with cryptocurrencies. “Only the first six months of this year, Kaspersky recorded and blocked 37 thousand ransomware attacks in Chile alone. And in households we recorded an 80% increase in attacks on Chilean smartphones connected to the internet,” he warned. This is an axis that is marking the national agenda and will be addressed at Security Expo 2023, which is directly related to the Cybersecurity Framework bill currently being discussed in Congress and which creates the National Cybersecurity Agency (ANCI). This would have regulatory, oversight and sanctioning powers for state administration agencies and private institutions, and also creates the National Computer Security Incident Response Team (National CSIRT). Source:

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