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SA present at SeguridadExpo 2023

Siam Fittings Co., Ltd. is well known by our trade mark “SA” has established in 1968 to satisfy more efficiently local demand for malleable iron fittings. Since then, we have expanded to serve international markets cover from North America, European countries, Japan, Middle East and Asia.

Publicada: Friday 3 de November del 2023
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All products and services provide by SA shall conform to the standard by our customers. Each employee is responsible for his or her input to the procurement, production, support, delivery service, corporate with supplier of management provided. We are committed to continually improving all products and services and to maintain Siam Fittings as quality leader in our field by improvement of people, leadership, process approach, system approach to manage and making decision based on fact. Our products are the great solutions for Water, Fire, Gas, Oil, Industrial Applications in term of being the connection of fittings, valves, sprinkler systems, etc. Also, we have International Standards for trademark as in U/L, F/M, IAPMO, NSF, ISO 9001:2015 version so that the customer can ensure about our quality. For more information, please visit our website: siamfittings.co.th

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