Kaufmann leadership in care and quality present at Safety Expo 2021

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As the official representative of Mercedes-Benz, Freightliner and Fuso in Chile, for more than 65 years kaufmann has maintained our leadership in care and quality. In this way, our extensive product line consists of cars, light, light, light and heavy trucks, minibuses and vans, buses and bus chassis, which allows us to meet the demands of the urban and interurban transport business. Our years of experience allow us not only to provide the general market with a wide range of specialized products, but also to meet the variety of needs that our customers may require, which have one aspect in common: safety. At Kaufmann, we deliver specific or particular solutions to each requirement where safety is a fundamental pillar. This is how we work to be first in vanguard and efficiency, and we care about exceeding all known quality standards. That is why, we bring together the best brands, the best vehicles and equipment on the market, and of course the best certified and technically specialized professionals who provide excellent care. Finally, in Kaufmann we provide the widest After Sales service thanks to our network of branches, the largest in Chile from Arica to Punta Arenas, which provides quality support and adequate logistics to meet the highest standards and the needs of our customers.

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