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Insecurity: Four out of five Chileans changed their habits due to fear of crime

-Due to security issues, people now avoid going out at night (87.5%), implement security measures in their homes (68%) or adjust their departure times (65.7%).

Publicada: Wednesday 27 de September del 2023
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-Due to security issues, people now avoid going out at night (87.5%), implement security measures in their homes (68%) or adjust their departure times (65.7%). -The most important international security fair and congress in Chile will be held in November, which seeks to analyze and respond to the main conflicts related to the protection of people. 70.2% believe that crime will increase at national level in the next six months. This is the public perception on security issues that was revealed by the third version of the Chile Nos Habla Survey, a measurement conducted by the Center for Public Policy and the Center for Studies for Action and Prevention in Public Security and Organized Crime (CESCRO), both of the Universidad San Sebastián (USS). The study focused on listening to the voice of Chileans, seeking to contribute to the development of public policies aligned with the feelings of citizens. The study delved into how the fear of crime has impacted people and their way of life and daily habits. In fact, four out of five people say they have made drastic changes, such as: avoiding going out at night (85.7%); adjusting departure times (65.7%); changing the places they frequent (56.4%); and changing their commuting routes (55.5%). Currently, 70% of those surveyed say they feel “very afraid” of the current situation, while only 7.9% say they feel safe. Specifically, the places where citizens say they feel more insecure are on public roads (80.9%); public transportation (75.9%); bus stops (75.1%) and bus terminals (73.2%). In contrast, where they indicate to be more protected is in the workplace (39.9%), even more than in their own homes (37.6%) or in places of study (21.8%). The study shows the actions that people are taking to protect home security, such as: the installation of security cameras (58.7%); security fences or bars (51.7%); or reinforcement of security plates (42.6%) are some of the modifications to face a situation that has even led some respondents to acquire a weapon (9.8%). Likewise, the measurement highlighted whether or not people are willing to limit their personal freedom in exchange for more security, with a narrow result: 47% said they are willing to limit their freedom for more security, while 44% said they are not. SECURITY EXPO 2023 The largest security meeting in the country, Seguridad Expo 2023, will bring together different national and international players in the field and will present the latest advances in different products, with new and improved tools to combat crime, including security cameras, drones, security films for vehicles, and new technological solutions for companies and individuals. The fair and international congress will be held between November 07 and 09, 2023, presenting a wide range of technological solutions and innovations aimed at developing the market. The fair expects to receive 5,000 professionals in the field, who will be able to visit around 120 exhibiting companies that provide security-related products and services, representing 25 countries. The event will focus on reaffirming the important role of security in Chile, showcasing local development in goods, products and services oriented to the industry; exchanging experiences, technologies and international developments with the national industry; introducing new technologies not available in the country to the market, and providing effective solutions to the police, Armed Forces and civilians. “In this new version of Security Expo, we invite the entire industry to participate, seeking to enhance the security market, which has become one of the main topics of the national agenda. Today Chile has the opportunity to move forward and solve problems that affect citizens. Don’t be left out of the largest security meeting for Latin America,” said FISA’s deputy general manager, Rodrigo Lobo. The international Security Expo congress will be guided by the following thematic axes: Public and private security, cybersecurity, border control, South Macrozone, established in relation to the problems that Chile and the world have, and taking into account the latest technologies in the field to solve them. In this way, there will be different activities such as lectures, business meetings with municipalities, technical conferences, special events, among others. This instance parallel to the fair aims to address the main current issues and trends related to public and private security. Source: La Tecera

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