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IACC Professional Institute present at SeguridadExpo 2023

His participation is part of the incorporation of the Private Security Technician career to its 2024 admission process.

Publicada: Friday 3 de November del 2023
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IACC is the 100% online professional institute most chosen by Chileans. Accredited for 4 years at the advanced level, its mission is to train people in the professional technical field through programs that respond to the motivations and needs of people, thus contributing to the permanent progress of its students and society. With 15 years of experience providing online education, more than 35,000 students throughout Chile and more than 18,600 graduates, IACC contributes to the country’s development by democratizing access to education and consolidating an innovative educational model focused on flexible paths that enhance people’s labor competencies. IACC’s participation in Security Expo 2023 is framed in the incorporation of the career of Higher Level Technician in Private Security in 100% online mode to its admission process 2024, which will be taught by its School of Industrial Processes. This school trains high performance professionals in the industry and oriented to the achievement of organizational objectives of the productive sector in which they operate. During the educational process, the development of analytical and problem-solving skills is ensured, aiming at continuous improvement towards national and international standards, thus contributing to the environment in which they work. In this context, the Private Security Technician career responds to the need to professionalize and strengthen the area. “We consider it essential to incorporate this program into our offer, because it is undeniable that there are currently challenges in the field of security,” explains Mauricio Torres, director of the School of Industrial Processes. The differentiating characteristic of IACC’s career is the anticipation of conflicts in private security, proposing efficient solutions through the use of advanced technologies. In this way, IACC students will learn to make decisions at the tactical and operational levels, in order to respond to the needs of the organization. The graduate will become a fundamental pillar to face the challenges of the area, managing and implementing security systems. In addition, they will be able to generate solutions that minimize the occurrence of criminal acts and other risks that may affect the normal development of activities, as well as the integrity of people, goods and facilities in their charge. The IACC Private Security Technician will be able to work in different types of organizations, public and private, in different productive and service sectors that require a specialist to protect and safeguard security, in coordination with state entities and emergency agencies. Learn more at www.iacc.cl

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