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CTAIMA Group, a leader in solutions for OSH professionals, presents TWIND, an advanced contractor and supplier management software at SeguridadEXPO 2023

The CTAIMA team in Chile will be present at booth No. 406

Publicada: Friday 8 de September del 2023
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CTAIMA Group will present Twind, the leading international contractor control software, at the prestigious SeguridadExpo 2023 exhibition and congress, together with its entire Chilean team. With 20 years of experience and more than 1,200 international clients, CTAIMA Group has witnessed how risk prevention consultants face critical challenges in the safety, well-being and health of people in professional and personal environments. Twind: Elevating Risk Prevention Experts to Safety Heroes For the CTAIMA Group, risk prevention professionals are heroes, leaders who deserve support to tackle problems in innovative ways and elevate their role to the recognized and admired position they deserve. and admired position they deserve. Being an Occupational Safety and Health professional carries a burden of responsibility, constant regulatory changes, human challenges and immense pressure. Managing your suppliers’ documentation requires a lot of dedicated time on a daily basis and carries a huge responsibility. and carries an enormous responsibility. That’s why the CTAIMA Group launches Twind, the new international solution for the heroes of prevention. prevention. TWIND simplifies operations and allows you to keep all your documentation under control in a single communication channel updated in real time. Key benefits of Twind: – 75% decrease in the chances of an occupational accident occurring due to non-compliance. non-compliance. – 50% reduction in time and costs associated with document management with contractors and suppliers. contractors and suppliers. – Centralize all information and communication with your suppliers and contractors in a single platform. a single platform. Revolutionizing Contractor Management with the latest technology Twind is not just a software, it is a complete solution that covers all contractor management and Occupational Health and Safety processes. It is also the first software in the industry worldwide to employ robotics and Artificial Intelligence to streamline the most repetitive tasks. It covers from the search, contact, approval and access control of contractors, to the evaluation of suppliers, inspections (work conditions and observations), and incidents, advanced analytics, internal audits, and generation of customized reports for you. Do you want to know more about CTAIMA Group? CTAIMA is a Spanish B2B SaaS company with an office in Las Condes, Santiago, and with a strong commercial team and experts in strong commercial team and experts in Risk Prevention. They have more than 150,000 contractors using their solutions, and more than 1,200 direct clients from various industries. In addition, for the CTAIMA Group, providing value and empowering prevention professionals is one of its top priorities, which is why it has a large online community of more than 100,000 professionals per month who faithfully attend its free trainings and webinars, listen to its podcast Rebeldes de la Prevención, and are updated with the content published in the group’s different blogs. Come to booth #406 at SeguridadExpo 2023 and join the CTAIMA Community! We are waiting for you! For more information: Laura Naranjo +56 229382178 +56 983161476 – [email protected]

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