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AST Technology Networks to showcase its latest technology solutions at the SeguridadExpo 2023 show

The company, headquartered in Puerto Montt, Los Lagos region, will exhibit several high-end novelties about different security products it has available for the market, such as radars, spotlights and software development.

Publicada: Monday 30 de October del 2023
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In order to expand its exposure to the security market, and focus on other industries in Chile, in addition to aquaculture, AST Technology Networks will participate in the SeguridadExpo fair, to be held between November 7 and 9, 2023 in Santiago, Metropolitan Region. At the meeting, organized by FISA, the company will exhibit several high-end innovations, with different industrial security products that it has available for the market, with emphasis on various models of radars, cameras and long-range night lighting. During the event, AST Technology Networks will also exhibit software applications developed for customized industrial use processes. “At this fair, we hope not only to show our innovations to our current customers, but also to expand our network to other industries,” said Eduardo Rivera, general manager of AST Technology Networks. The company, which has more than 20 years of experience, has vast experience in the field of security technologies, mainly for the aquaculture sector, but also with different projects in other areas. It currently represents prestigious high-end security technology brands, such as Spotter RF, OWL, Wiseled, Siera and Milesight. As for the Security Expo Fair, the event organizers expect the arrival of more than 5,000 visitors, who will be able to learn about the novelties of the 120 exhibiting companies and institutions. For more information about AST Technology Networks’ products and services, please visit its website www.ast.cl.

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