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The challenges of SeguridadExpo for its new version 2024

La exhibición y congreso internacional -líder de seguridad convergente en Chile- se prepara para realizar una nueva edición en el centro de convenciones Metropolitan Santiago. ¿La fecha? Del 25 al 27 de septiembre de 2024.

Publicada: Wednesday 21 de February del 2024
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SeguridadExpo, organized by FISA of the GL events group, promises to be the epicenter of the security industry in the country, bringing together companies, public institutions and hundreds of professionals related to the sector, becoming the ideal space to generate business relationships and exchange new knowledge.

This new version of the sector’s annual meeting will once again take place at the Metropolitan Santiago Convention Center from September 25 to 27, 2024. The event expects to bring together more than 120 exhibitors and receive 5,000 professional visitors during its three days of operation.

For Rodrigo Bastidas, manager of SeguridadExpo, the purposes of the event point in a clear direction. “Our objective is to contribute to the development of public and private security in the country. Every year this exhibition and international congress are an essential meeting point for the industry in Chile, establishing commercial relations and promoting new technologies and solutions at a time when security has become a pressing priority for citizens,” he says.

“It is an instance in which a complete offer that covers the needs of public or private security is concentrated in a transversal line; that is, not only for the police and the armed forces, but also for private companies and the end user. If I want to buy a security film for my car, we will have companies that will distribute them. If I need to buy a GPS, or know the characteristics of a power emulator, I can do that too. If I want to buy an integrated camera system for my office, I can buy that. In other words, we are dealing with higher security systems,” says the exhibition manager.

SeguridadExpo 2023

Around 120 brands representing more than 25 countries participated in the latest version of the event. Exhibitors had an ideal space to showcase their latest technologies in areas such as access control, alarms, monitoring and video surveillance, while also addressing risk management and emergencies.

At the same time, an international congress was held with seven panels, forty speakers and more than 570 attendees. The main topics of the sector, such as cybersecurity, border control, road safety and emergency management, were presented and discussed.

In parallel, SeguridadExpo 2023 brought together different professionals from the private sector, as well as service directors, uniformed personnel and parliamentarians who visited the varied offer that was highlighted at the venue, where emerging trends in drones and robotics, cybersecurity, occupational safety, road safety, smart cities, the use of artificial intelligence and much more stood out.

“We expect this event to be an opportunity to promote innovation, collaboration and knowledge in the field of security and defense. We have a great goal and we hope that this instance will provide significant value to all participants. In this new version of SeguridadExpo, we invite the entire industry to participate, seeking to enhance the security market that has become one of the main topics of the national agenda. Today Chile has the opportunity to move forward and solve problems that affect citizens,” said Rodrigo Lobo, deputy general manager of FISA, organizer of the exhibition.

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