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Senate Committee approves first articles creating Ministry of Security and Citizen Coexistence

The norms approved by the legislative body are related to the objectives of the portfolio, the Public Security System to be implemented and the functions it will have.

Publicada: Wednesday 31 de August del 2022
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The norms approved by the legislative body are related to the objectives of the portfolio, the Public Security System to be implemented and the functions it will have. The Senate Security Committee approved on Monday the first three articles that allow the creation of the Ministry of Security and Citizen Coexistence. Specifically, the norms approved by the legislative body are related to the objectives of the portfolio, the Public Security System to be implemented and the functions of the new ministry. Before the commission, formed by senators Jaime Quintana, Francisco Huenchumilla, Enrique van Rysselberghe and Juan Castro, the Undersecretary of Crime Prevention, Eduardo Vergara, explained the scope of the portfolio. After the session, held at the National Congress headquarters in Santiago, the Government authority said: “I have good news, we have just finished the legislative work in the Senate Security Commission and we approved the first articles to advance in the Ministry of Security and Citizen Coexistence”. In this line, Vergara celebrated the reception of the initiative and the indications presented by the Executive. He also thanked the work of the senators of the security commission: “We continue to advance in the creation of such an important Ministry for our country as the Ministry of Public Security and Citizen Coexistence”. Among the main axes of the indications presented is the proposal that establishes that the Forces of Order and Public Security will depend on the new Ministry and will be subordinated to the civil power: “The concept of subordination was incorporated to make clear that all the actions of the police will be under the subjection of the civil power, which is in accordance with the attributions granted to the Ministry with respect to the police in different areas”. However, the wording of the proposal was not accepted by the committee, so it will have to be resubmitted. In addition, the initiative that seeks to create the portfolio has as its focus the strengthening of oversight and supervision of its actions (operational management in safeguarding security and public order, preventing and controlling abuses against citizens), in addition to strengthening administrative, budgetary and transfer control, probity and training. The Ministry of Security would have as its main objective the prevention of crimes and the maintenance and safeguarding of security and public order, as well as the promotion of citizen coexistence of all members of society. In this line, it is established that the duty of the State in security must not only be approached from a criminal perspective, but must include a local view of the citizenship and the reality of each region and commune of the country. “The indications proposed by the government also aim to redefine public security and thus consider an integral perspective that includes crime prevention, social reinsertion and attention and assistance to victims. On this last point, the Minister’s duty to design a National Victims Policy, an unprecedented instrument in our legislation, is legally enshrined”, said a press release from the Undersecretariat for Crime Prevention. In addition to the above, a design of the sub-secretariat is proposed: Public Security and Law Enforcement and Crime Prevention. The former will be responsible for security and public order, organized crime, border protection, private security, control and oversight of the Law Enforcement and Public Security Forces in strategic, administrative, financial and disciplinary areas. The second will have powers in crime prevention and social reinsertion, as well as assistance and attention to victims. In addition, there will be a strengthening of the Seremis of Public Security and Coexistence: “16 will be installed at national level in a period of two years and new attributions will be incorporated, some of which today are fulfilled by the presidential delegations”, communicated from the Undersecretary’s Office. 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