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Neural Labs, a technological ally for security

Our solutions automatically analyze video from surveillance cameras and are an invaluable tool for police forces and private security professionals.

Publicada: Wednesday 6 de September del 2023
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Not only do they facilitate the work of workers in the sector, but they also make it possible to maintain public order and even save lives. Artificial intelligence at the service of security These solutions, based on Artificial Intelligence, obtain useful information to optimize the work of those responsible for security, from videos captured by both fixed and on-board cameras in vehicles. For example, they recognize vehicle patents, as well as their make, color and classification (car, motorcycle, van, truck, bus, etc.) or even their country, speed, direction and lane of traffic. This technology, based on patent recognition and the detection of other vehicle analytics mentioned (make, color, classification, etc.) supports forensic investigation and triggers alerts upon recognition: – Stolen vehicles. – Vehicles wanted for being linked to criminal or terrorist acts. – Vehicles without license plate. – Uninsured vehicles. – Vehicles without technical inspection. – Vehicles with “cloned” (duplicated) license plates. Beyond license plate recognition Neural Labs has more than two decades of experience designing proprietary solutions such as Neural Server or the intelligent cameras NL Ghost or Neural Edge which, based on patent recognition, respond to a wide variety of needs. As if this were not enough, Neural Labs solutions based on Artificial Intelligence, such as Neural Orchestrator, also obtain information about actors in our streets that do not have patents, such as pedestrians, bicycles or electric scooters, among other very important actors. Find out in Neural Labs: Video analytics for safer, more efficient and humane mobility: – Traffic and sanctions – Mobility – Safety and Security – ITS – Access control – Logistics and ports

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