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Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Euro VI: Raising the safety of your fleet to exceptional levels.

The new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Euro VI arrives with advanced safety systems that continue to position it as the benchmark in the cargo and passenger transportation industry.

Publicada: Monday 30 de October del 2023
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The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Euro VI has become a benchmark for commercial vehicles, setting new international safety and quality standards. Since its debut in 1995, the Sprinter has been an icon in its category, and now with its new OM654 engine and Euro VI emissions, it reaffirms its position as a leader in the segment, providing more power, optimizing its performance and providing a leap in comfort by reducing the size and weight of its engine, now made of aluminum. In its more than two decades of history, this model has established itself as a vehicle with the highest safety standards in its category. The Electric Stability Program (ESP9i) assists the driver in critical situations by applying braking forces to maintain steering, effectively helping to avoid accidents. Meanwhile, the Attention Assist system alerts the driver to signs of exhaustion or micro-sleeps, especially on long, nighttime trips. Active Brake Assist prevents collisions through visual and audible warnings and, if necessary, applies the brakes autonomously. In addition, blind spot monitoring is another function especially valued by Sprinter customers in situations where visibility is poor. This system alerts when changing lanes or reversing from 30 km/h, providing visual and acoustic signals for the safety of the driver and passengers. The new Sprinter Euro VI also has a side wind assistant that corrects the course of the vehicle from 80 km/h, and the HOLD function, which maintains brake pressure even if the foot is lifted from the pedal. In addition, the fog lamps with cornering light improve visibility and safety in turning situations by adjusting to the steering wheel angle and operating at speeds of up to 40 km/h (25 mph). The Mercedes-Benz quality guarantee is backed by Kaufmann’s industry-leading after-sales service, which offers a wide network of branches and expert technical assistance for all customers.

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