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First reconfigurable portable airborne trainer to be showcased at SeguridadExpo 2023

Continuing with its permanent policy of presenting to the national market the latest innovations applicable to the security and defense area, Revista Seguridad will exhibit at its Stand 132 the First Reconfigurable Portable Air Trainer which can be configured for all systems (fixed and rotary wing), which is the result of the alliance between the companies Razbam and Vrgineers.

Publicada: Tuesday 10 de October del 2023
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The cornerstone of this portable trainer is the training experience through the incorporation of the advanced XTAL virtual reality viewer, which provides unparalleled fidelity with 8K resolution and a market-leading field of view providing realistic situational awareness. Reconfigurability: The portable trainer is easily reconfigured for different platforms using a variety of pre-built controllers and the system allows for easy transformation between different home aircraft and helicopters. The adjustable seat provides vibration feedback from takeoff roll force vibration and stall effects to flap movement noises, landing gear extension etc. Affordable costs: The trainer is manufactured from commercial off-the-shelf components making it affordable and easy to maintain. The life cycle of the simulator can be extended as key components are easily interchangeable providing the highest level of simulation immersion. the portable trainer is the perfect solution for mission-critical tasks and training as it allows pilots to deploy quickly, increases first-time pass rate, reduces repeat flights, eliminates negative training and reduces traditional training costs. Plug & Play Mobility: This trainer is packaged and ready to go in minutes, its reinforced hard case with handles and wheels allows it to be moved by one person, saves space and has a dimension of 1.03 square meters and weighs less than 80 kg. The portable trainer has three different optional controller mounting positions for different types of aircraft. The system is ideal for tactical mission training as well as for pilot training in flight academies. The dimensions correspond proportionally to a real cockpit and can be reconfigured for all fixed and rotary wing platforms.

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