David Livingstone

Director, Napier Meridian Associate Fellow Chatham House

5to Congreso Internacional de Seguridad Integral. Hacia una Cultura Preventiva

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David Livingstone has a long standing record in delivery of cybersecurity strategies for international institutions, national governments and industrial organisations. He is the original systems architect for the ‘Virtual Task Force’ methodology for collaborative management of cybersecurity risk that he has now rolled out in a number of industrial sectors both in UK and also overseas. Livingstone has been an Associate Fellow at Chatham House since 2005, where he has delivered a number of ground breaking studies on cyber risk management in critical national infrastructure, space systems, and civil nuclear security amongst other domains. He has given evidence to UK Parliament Committees on various aspects of national level risk management. His past roles have included: · Cybersecurity Strategy Adviser to the Scottish Government · Cybersecurity Adviser to the UK National Police Chief’s Council · Design of the doctrine and Concept of Operations for UK Financial Services Virtual Task Force, the National News Media VTF plus a further VTF in Chile · Development of the business case for a centralised law enforcement cybercrime capability in UK (the Police Central e-Crime Unit) · Delivery of cybersecurity policy advice to international governments (Chile, Peru, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Oman, South Korea) · Development of cybersecurity maturity models for the UK insurance sector · Advisor to the UK National Audit Office on UK national cybersecurity performance


“Ciberseguridad: Talón de Aquiles del Desarrollo”