Wax hands to hack scanners

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The security system by veins have not been implemented on phones at the time. SOURCE: Sport.es. See original note HERE. Biometric scanners have been an important progress to security. It keeps data safe when we want to access to them by physical characteristics like fingerprints, facial recognition or hand veins. According to Motherboard, at the Chaos Communication Congress, some hackers prove that they can hack veins security scanners with some handmade wax hands from the original. Jan Krissler and Julian Albrecht proved that they can hack the security system of Hitachi and Fujitsu, owners of the 95% of the biometric security market. To hand made the hand wax they only needed 15 minutes, but 30 days and 2.500 tests pictures. Demonstration was also complicated. Some exact illumination conditions were required to hack the scanner. A Fujitsu worker stated that hacking the scanner was only possible under lab conditions and impossible in real life.

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