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Ubiquiti Inc. revolutionizes the concept of Information Technology at the SecurityExpo 2023 trade show

Ubiquiti Inc., a leader in wireless connectivity and information technology solutions, is pleased to present its innovative solutions at the SecurityExpo 2023 trade show. The company is transforming the concept of IT by offering a wide range of integrated products under its UniFi OS Console platform.

Publicada: Friday 3 de November del 2023
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UniFi OS Console is an end-to-end solution that connects all IT needs in a single device. Ubiquiti develops solutions for WiFi wireless connectivity, Switches, Gateways and more, all integrated into the UniFi OS Console devices. The highlight of the UniFi OS Console is its comprehensive, easy to understand and manage graphical administration interface, which can be managed remotely via the hybrid cloud. But that’s not all, Ubiquiti Inc. meets all IT needs by offering additional solutions. The “UniFi Protect” app provides electronic security through high-quality cameras, while the “UniFi Access” app enables secure door access control, plus the app, “UniFi Connect” offers interactive and informative displays, and the “UniFi Identity” app provides a permission management system for enterprises, including door access, VPN, WiFi, accounts and more. All of these solutions are integrated into the UniFi OS Console, enabling both local and cloud-based management. With a single interface for all of the above applications, administrators do not need to learn different complex solutions. The interface of the applications within UniFi OS Console is user-friendly, easy to understand and manage, with no additional licensing costs, satisfying all IT needs in enterprises. At our booth at SeguridadExpo 2023, you will find live demonstrations that show the quality, functionalities, presentation and impeccable aesthetics of our products, as well as the user experience offered by Ubiquiti Inc. products.

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