SeguridadExpo 2019: High-level technology exhibition was a great success

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With a large number of attendees and a world-class technology exhibition the 5th version of SeguridadExpo 2019 took place between August 27 and 29. More than 150 national and international exhibitors participated in this event where government authorities and representatives from the private sector were also present, as well as members of parliament and experts who analyzed the 3 areas covered by the trade fair: Private & Public Security; Occupational Safety and Health and; Natural Disasters and Cultural Heritage. These three topics were deepened in parallel to the exhibitions in the framework of the 5th International Congress on “Integral Security: Towards a Preventive Culture”. Experts’ panels and presentations related to climate change and forest fire prevention, prevention of strategic assets and human capital were carried out. In addition to the issues related to Cybersecurity, Cultural Heritage Protection, and Prevention. During the three days of the event, the exhibitors showed their technological solutions. Solutions such as product to prevent crimes, panic buttons, high-tech cameras foldable to the body which allow to keep proof for courts, gantry systems, facial recognition, supplies for safety at work, technology to fight and prevent fires, among other cutting-edge innovations that caught the attention of security professionals. Special participation was the institutional presence of the stands of the Undersecretariat of Crime Prevention and the Undersecretariat of Social Welfare, the Chilean National Office for Emergency (ONEMI), the Fire Department, the Order and Security Forces, among other sectors of the National Defense. Congresses and expert panels During the event the senator Felipe Harboe (PPD) was part of the panel on Cybersecurity: The Achilles Heel of Development. The senator said that “Chile is in a process of making digitalization of the economy and of all service processes more massive and this requires cybersecurity to be more effective. However, unfortunately, we are just starting in this process due to some unfortunate situations. We must create a culture and make public and private agents understand that without cybersecurity, a company’s reputation and, above all, the productive processes, may be affected. This is an urgent necessity.” The CEO of Chiletec and member of the Chilean Cybersecurity Alliance, Marco Zúñiga, said “that since 2017 we already have a National Cybersecurity Policy being implemented and also we have a legislative framework that will be discussed during the next months.” He stressed that the issue has been “under development, but we need decisions to be make about this.” In the Fire Summit panel: Cultural Heritage Protection: Prevention and Planning, the Spanish expert and adviser of the Fundación Fuego, Alfredo Delgado, presented on the causes and consequences of the fire in the Notre Dame Cathedral last April, which shocked the whole world and put up for discussion the care of the cultural heritage of humanity. “The important thing is to make society aware of the importance of preserving the cultural heritage of humanity. We need to work from all public/private institutions in a comprehensive way”, emphasized Alfredo Delgado. In that sense, he said that the Notre Dame fire would not have occurred with a good prevention policy being implemented”, he said. The specialist Alfredo Delgado called all the entities involved in the heritage issue to “row all with the same step. If we go with changed steps, we don’t get anything.” He clarified that if society agrees, we can work to take care of the cultural heritage without major costs.”

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