SeguridadExpo 2019 brings innovative anti-crime tools aimed at companies, public entities and citizens

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During the event, the 5th International Congress of SeguridadExpo will be held, which will address the theme: “Protection of strategic assets, cybersecurity and heritage”. Anti-assault systems, unalterable body cameras for police officers, smoke bombs to deter criminals who perform portonazos, anti-theft fog and emergency buttons are some of the attractions that will be exhibited at SeguridadExpo2019. The most important fair of the sector in Chile will have about 150 companies that will bring technological innovations aimed at public and private, industrial and labor safety, as well as an area focused on fire and natural disasters. The 5th version of SeguridadExpo will take place between August 27 and 29 at Espacio Riesco and expects to gather about 9 thousand professional visitors. Thus, it has significant institutional support from government entities, Firefighters of Chile, CNC, Chilean Cybersecurity Alliance and Safety and Municipal Associations. This is the only comprehensive security fair in Chile and around 50% of the participating companies are international companies from Brazil, the United States, China, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, Australia, among other nations. International Congress Within the framework of the exhibition, the International Congress on Comprehensive Security: “Towards a Preventive Culture”, will be held, where topics related to the three rooms of the fair will be analyzed: private and public security, fire and natural disasters and industrial and labor safety. The private security panel will be dedicated to prevention in the protection of strategic assets. In the public security panel on Tuesday, August 27 at 3:00 p.m., the director of Studies of the Undersecretariat for Crime Prevention Chile, Felipe Fernández, will be referring to “Criminal statistical information systems: Tools to guide decision making in Security.” Another area is Cybersecurity that will have ample space. This panel will be attended by Senator Felipe Harboe, Carlos Landeros, representative of the Ministry of Interior, Exequiel Matamala of the Chilean Cybersecurity Alliance and Alejandro Hevia of the University of Chile. On Wednesday, August 28, the day will be led by the Undersecretary of Social Welfare, María José Zaldívar. The objective of this panel is that the public institutions involved in the execution of the National Program report on the progress and challenges they have had in its implementation, in order to reduce the number of occupational accidents and diseases, creating a preventive culture in occupational health and safety. As part of SeguridadExpo, the Fire Summit will also be held where a conference aimed at heritage protection and another conference on climate change and forest fires will be held. Following the fire in the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, the theme Heritage: prevention and planning “Notre Dame: the vulnerable heritage and its lessons” was considered, which will be in charge of Alfredo Delgado of the Spanish Fire Foundation, who will exhibit on Thursday, August 29. Information about SeguridadExpo 2019 • Day: Tuesday 27th, Wednesday 28th to Thursday 29th August 2019. • Hours: 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. • Place: Espacio Riesco, Avenida El Salto 5000, Commune of Huechuraba. • Prices: Adults: $6000, Students: $3000. If you register online, you get free admission.

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