Quantifying the Natural Disaster Market: Impact and size

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A Report made for the Under Secretary of Economy and Small Business (2017) aims to “quantify and analyze the direct and indirect economic, social and environmental impacts from Natural Disasters, and improve the potential national and international markets in order to develop innovation products, as process and services associated to natural disasters”. Reed the entire article HERE (spanish only). This investigation was driven by The Natural Disaster Resilience Commission (CREDEN) as part of the National Innovation Council of Development (CNID). The one aims to define a strategy to transform the Chilean exposition to Natural Disasters into an advantage for the innovation. The idea is to be leader in taking advantage of this field and look it as an opportunity of development. The project is searching historical documents with national and international information describing the impact of Natural disasters in the country. Also, the projects wants to establish the annual investment in emergency and reconstruction process. Then, establish the ability of Chilean companies involved in the field, and take advantage of this market after given an estimated approach of the international annual investment on national resources management.

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