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New technologies as key to road safety

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Technologic revolution has change drivers behave and how cars are designed. SOURCE: El Día de la Serena newspaper. See original note HERE (spanish only). Technology advances are being part of industries around the world and changing services as we know them. This is the case of car market that in last year has been taking technology as a tool to potentiate their industry. The expression “Automotive Technology” refers to the tendency to incorporate technology into cars. This revolution has change drivers everyday behavior, so road safety collective conscience as well. These technological proposals look forward comfort and safety on the roads. “Last years, society has shown more concern by road safety. This is helpful for people, moreover for car insurance market. We have to recognize that technology has been the key to this progress” said Juan José Santa Cruz, CEO The international consultor for infrastructure and progress, Felipe Ulloa, said “technologies advances at car industries have been able to reduce the accidents levels in cities and roads; smarts brakes, airbags, reverse cams, and others, have been big updates”. “…countries with traffic have more road accidents, on this line, technology can reduce accidents. Intelligent brake systems have saved lives in many countries”. Felipe Ulloa, ex ECLAC consultor said “in USA cars with cameras and sensors that activate brake systems when perceive close cars, have stopped multiple-collisions” The emergency brake system notifies drivers if there are the possibility of collisions braking suddenly if it is necessary. Like this, there are many technologies implemented on cars giving security to drivers. FUTURE TRENDS This security and comfort progress given by these technologies have made big companies industry to think on new proposals.This is the case of reverse cams. Although it is a tendency, the idea is to incorporate more gadget to give the driver more visibility. On the other hand, led light incorporation on the car lights is the next trend.

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