Wednesday, August 28 to | 16:15 Hours | SeguridadExpo Congress

Larry Wilson prestigious world expert in occupational safety will be present at SeguridadExpo 2019

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The occupational safety expert, Larry Wilson, pioneer in the area of Human Factors in Security, will land in Chile to participate in the 5th International Congress on Integral Security: Towards a Preventive Culture. The specialist will exhibit in our country next Wednesday, August 28 at 4:15 p.m., in the framework of SeguridadExpo that will be held between August 27 and 29 at Espacio Riesco. His presentation is called: “Neuroscience behind human factors” within the framework of the Occupational Safety panel. During his work as a consultant, Wilson realized the need to create a program that went beyond the limitations he observed in behavior-based work safety. That is, a safety program focused on unintentional human errors and the states that lead to critical errors that cause more than 90% of accidents on and off the job. This program is called SafeStart: It was officially developed and launched in 1998. What is it?: It is an advanced security awareness system currently used by more than 3 million employees in 60 countries. SafeStart takes the concepts and techniques of critical error reduction and extension to the scope of production and quality, which dramatically improve voluntary support for safety throughout the industry, at a very rapid pace. Wilson teaches people to recognize the states that cause accidents that can make the difference between life and death. “Our responsibility is to help workers recognize hazards, raise awareness and keep the focus in the right place,” he reiterated in his lectures. SafeStart is the best-selling security and performance program in the world since 2009. It is used by more than 3,000 companies and in more than 30 languages available in 60 countries and with more than 3 million people trained. He is the author of a hundred articles published in security magazines worldwide. In his lectures, the expert has reiterated that more than 95% of accidents at work, at home or on the road are caused by an inappropriate decision, influenced by one or more of these states and critical errors.

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