Jorge Atton, Presidential Advisor in Cybersecurity:

“Computer security and cybersecurity are fundamental in digital transformation processes”

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Press SeguridadExpo 2021

The main challenge now in the era of Digital Economy and Digital Transformation process is based on trust. Trust is the most important barrier in the implementation of digital transformation through the events happened in the financial cyber-attack, highlighting the vulnerability in the personal data of the population. The Presidential Advisor in Cybersecurity, in conversations with SeguridadExpo Chile, said “As every country, we need safe technologies. The only way is assuming our cybersecurity issues. Institutions, as well as companies, need to understand the importance of cybersecurity implementation”. He emphasized “The importance of cybersecurity in the digital transformation strategy”. That is why is necessary to recognize realities – like vulnerability feelings – when email or internet are used. “People must be train, in order to know when to use their personal data with no risk associated”. About the private sector and the companies providing technology solutions, the Advisor says “Our government is constantly looking for standards in Public Policies, by laws dictating how the personal data can be used and cybersecurity in general. On the other hand, we are going to implement norms for the Public Sector and Cybersecurity policies for provider in ChileCompras platform. This is how this will be implemented in the private sector. The Advisor emphasizes “We must have a safe digital economy to have trustful users and consumers.”

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