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Is Chile prepared to deal with wildfires?

By Andrés Weintraub, Complex Engineering Systems Institute, Industrial Engineering Universidad de Chile. National Award for Applied Sciences. [...]

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Continuity of National Cybersecurity Policies

Chile has reach the 33th place in the “National Cyber Security Index” done by the e-Governance Academy Foundation of Estonia, advancing 21 places due to the continuity of National Cybersecurity policies. [...]

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“Chile must understand that technological risk is something we have to deal with”

The Senator Kenneth Pugh, part of the National Defense Commission, uses this Estonian example to improve the creation of an E- Government helping us to have a “Safety Digital Society”. [...]

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“Computer security and cybersecurity are fundamental in digital transformation processes”

The main challenge now in the era of Digital Economy and Digital Transformation process is based on trust. [...]

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