Artificial Intelligence Helps in Natural Disasters Management

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Many initiatives that work with algorithm to make faster the help on these situations were compiled. SOURCE: El País from Spain. See original note HERE (spanish only) When a natural disaster happens, the priority on helping the victims comes with many data that tells us the magnitude of the disaster; which the affected areas are, how many people were at those areas, and how the situation can be developed. Artificial intelligence can compile, read and take conclusions from all this data, improving the management of these emergencies. Fast response to emergencies After a natural disaster, many people have to leave their houses and keep themselves safe in settlements. For this, Lina Quintero and María Clara Betancourt, two engineering teachers in Icesi University of Colombia, have developed an app that shows automatically and fast settlements location, allowing rescue teams to act faster. The app use artificial intelligence to optimize the available camps showing distribution maps. As an upgrade to this tool the creators used a 3D software and algorithms. “The app works like this: you give the app the size of the land and the number of victims and it immediately shows you the right place to deploy the camp”, said Lina Quintero. Made for those with low possibility to run When this disasters happen, helping people with disabilities is the key. In 2017 many wildfires in California reach thousands of houses and people where warned by megaphone, but many of them were 70 years and they kept trap. “The conclusion was that they were not able to hear the warnings or they could not scrape by their self” according to Bloomberg. As help to these situations, the startup Geospiza uses artificial intelligence to analyses data and organize an effective operation evaluation. Using algorithm, it can verify many databases to know previously hoy many people has audition problems or need help with their personal care. This data is received by emergencies department to protect vulnerable people in a more effective way. It is been spreader out in many American cities. Prediction as the best solution Most of Artificial Intelligence applications are implemented at disaster prevention phase. The startup One Concern take as base that natural disasters are inevitable, so the best way to protect us is by prediction. Nowadays, many technological tools go for it. One Concern uses Artificial Intelligence, not only to know when a natural disaster is going to happen, but also to know how is going to affect the cities. By algorithms, it can evaluate the soil type, meteorological data and ground elevation to determine seismic damage and previously identify which building will need more reinforcement. The software can show if an earthquake will produce fire and its location. It also can show the best route to carry supplies and help to the location. “Many lives can be saved with a good planning” said Bloomberg co-founder Nicole Hu.

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